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Stratigraphic Analysis of the Cretaceous Petroluem System, Sulaimani Area, Kurdistan, IraqGold Open Access

Authors: B. Al-Qayim, S. Hussein, F. Qader, S. Al-Hakari, B. Shukor, Z. Sardar, D. Ahmed and H. Abdullah
Event name: Third EAGE Workshop on Iraq
Session: Poster Session
Publication date: 16 November 2015
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201414375
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Abstract, PDF ( 620.7Kb )

The Cretaceous sequence of northeast Iraq form an important petroleum system in housing potential source rocks such as the Balambo, Sarmord and partly Shiranish Formations. It also includes an important reservoir rocks accompanied by good secondary porosity such as the Qamchuqa and Kometan Formations. This study examined three surface localities at Pira Migroon anticline, northeast of Sulaimani city, and three subsurface wells of neighboring oil fields: Miran East (ME-1) , Bazian (Ba-1), and Chemchamal (Ch-2) from Sulaimani area of Kurdistan region of northeastern Iraq. The study applies stratigraphic analysis, microfacies investigations, and lithostratigraphic correlation in an attempt to characterize these units at this area, and to give an insight regarding their stratigraphic architecture's impact on the development of the important Cretaceous petroleum system of the area.

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