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PyGIMLi - An Open Source Python Library for Inversion and Modelling in GeophysicsNormal access

Authors: C. Rücker, T. Günther and F. Wagner
Event name: 78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2016 - Workshops
Session: WS08-Open Source Software in Applied Geosciences
Publication date: 31 May 2016
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201601651
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 698.38Kb )
Price: € 20

PyGIMLi - A Python Library for Inversion and Modelling in Geophysics is a versatile open-source tool for modelling and inversion of various geophysical methods, based on finite element modelling and inversion frameworks that allow flexible regularization strategies, time-lapse processing and petrophysical or structural coupling of multi-physical data sets.

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