Volume 33, Issue 3
  • ISSN: 0263-5046
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2397


Mike Saunders, Laurie Geiger, Dan Negri, Jaime A. Stein, T. Altay Sansal and John Springman demonstrate that de-ghosting and bandwidth extension using the Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) technique can produce broadband data that allows for improved identification and mapping of thinner potential hydrocarbon reservoirs. The Sergipe Basin originated in the Early Cretaceous and is a relatively mature hydrocarbon province on the northeast coast of Brazil, comprising 44,370 km² both onshore and offshore. The onshore portion of the basin (12,620 km²) is considered mature, with more than 2 billion bbls in place and 816 wells drilled since 1935. The offshore Sergipe Basin is gaining prominence as Petrobras has made several discoveries since 2010, including the 2010 Barra well (1-SES-158) and the subsequent Barra 1 appraisal well (3-SES-165). These wells targeted oil and gas charged Maastrichtian sandstones that display readily identifiable AVO anomalies on 2D seismic profiles. Approximately 16,000 km of long offset 2D seismic data was acquired in 2014 using a flat streamer towed at a depth of 15 m. The data was processed through pre-stack time migration using conventional techniques, and through prestack depth migration including conventional and broadband processing techniques. The broadband processing included proprietary pre-migration de-ghosting and bandwidth extension phases. The application of these two technologies resulted in seismic data with a vertical resolution as fine as 5 m to 10 m. Improvements in the resolution can be quantified by analysing the sequence stratigraphic interpretation which was done on both the conventionally processed data set and a broadband data set.


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