Volume 46 Number 6
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478


An experimental multicomponent three‐dimensional (3D) seismic survey has been carried out over the Natih field in Oman. This paper describes the small‐scale two‐dimensional experiment carried out beforehand, and how the results obtained from this pilot were used to assess the feasibility of a nine‐component three‐dimensional (9C3D) operation as well as to determine the field parameters for the field‐scale 3D survey. It also describes the two VSPs and a wireline shear log, acquired in conjunction with the pilot experiment, and the importance of such borehole data for establishing the correct time‐to‐depth relationship for the seismic data and for providing an independent check on the seismic interpretation. The observation of cusps in the offset VSP indicated the strong anisotropy of the Fiqa shales overlying the Natih reservoir.


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