Volume 67 Number 6
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



A major focus of research in the seismic industry of the past two decades has been the acquisition and subsequent separation of seismic data using multiple sources fired simultaneously. The recently introduced method of provides a new take on the problem by replacing the random time‐shifts usually employed to encode the different sources by fully deterministic periodic time‐shifts. In this paper, we give a mathematical proof showing that the signal apparition method results in optimally large regions in the frequency–wavenumber space where exact separation of sources is achieved. These regions are diamond shaped and we prove that using any other method of source encoding results in strictly smaller regions of exact separation. The results are valid for arbitrary number of sources. Numerical examples for different number of sources (three, respectively, four sources) demonstrate the exact recovery of these diamond‐shaped regions. The implementation of the theoretical proofs in the field is illustrated by the results of a conducted field test.


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