Volume 18 Number 4
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



In a previous publication (Koefoed 1968) a function called the “raised kernel function” has been introduced as an intermediate function in the interpretation of resistivity sounding data, and methods have been described both for the determination of the raised kernel function from the apparent resistivity function, and for the determination of the layer distribution from the raised kernel function.

In the present paper a procedure is described by which the second step in this interpretation method–i.e. the determination of the layer distribution from the raised kernel function–is considerably accelerated. This gain in interpretation speed is attained by the use of a standard graph for a function which defines the reduction of the raised kernel function to a lower boundary plane.


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  1. Koefoed, O., 1968, The Application of the Kernel Function in Interpreting Geoelectrical Resistivity Measurements, Geoexploration Monographs, Series 1‐No. 2, Gebrüder Borntraeger, Berlin ‐ Stuttgart .
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  2. Stefanesco, S. and and C.M.Schlumberger, 1930, Sur la distribution électrique potentielle autour ?une prise de terre ponctuelle dans un terrain à couches horizontales homogènes et isotropes, Journ. de Phys. et du Radium, 7, 132–140.
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