Volume 19 Number 2
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



The gravitational attraction produced by a geological body of irregular shape can be easily determined by dividing it into cubes of small size. The exact expression of the effect of a cube is very complicated, but it can be calculated by using an electronic computer.

4851 values of the gravitational attraction were determined for different positions of a cube with the side of 2 and the center in (, , ), for ∈[0;20], ∈[0;20] and ∈[0;10]. Using these values, templates in double logarithmic representation were drawn, with and as parameters and as abscissa, and with and as parameters and in abscissa; this double set of templates permits a good interpolation for all cubes in the considered domain of

The use of templates was tested to approximate the effect produced by a theoretical model of spherical shape and in a real case of a three‐dimensional salt body of known shape based on a large number of boreholes. In both cases very good results were obtained.


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