Volume 20 Number 4
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



This report describes the construction and properties of a Ge(Li) bore hole probe for in situ gamma ray spectrometry. The probe has the form of a cylinder 8.9 cm in diameter and 160 cm long. It contains a 22 cm3 coaxial Ge(Li) detector, cooled by liquid nitrogen. Holding time of the assembled probe is in excess of ten hours, energy resolution is 2.3 keV for 122 keV photons and 2.6 keV for 1333 keV photons.

The probe has been used in field experiments in the Ranstad uranium mine and for the study of neutron activation spectra obtained in bore hole models. Results from these experiments are presented and discussed. It is stressed that the Ge(Li) probe gives promise to become a powerful tool in bore hole activation analysis.


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