Volume 22 Number 1
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



A checking method of digital multiple elimination and of deconvolution processing using computers and based on optical autocorrelation is first presented. Comparison between autocorrelograms before and after a single or several processing steps allows to estimate, on one hand, the strength of the deconvolution obtained, known by the study of the central parts which is in fact the signal autocorrelation, on the other hand, the multiple elimination given by the study of side parts of the autocorrelogram.

Further, an optical deconvolution procedure, is presented. For this, it is supposed that the signal is known and optically reproduced in the same way as the one of a trace. This is achieved by sphero‐cylindrical optics allowing trace to trace processing. Deconvolution is carried out in the spectral domain by inserting a filter in the Fourier plane of the optical unit, the transmission law of which expresses the Fourier transform of the antisignal. This filter device introduces a holographic technique called Fourier holography, in such a way phases as well as amplitudes are preserved.

Several results are presented from a synthetic section and also from field sections.


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