Volume 22 Number 2
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



This paper describes the procedure for interpreting the apparent resistivity data measured with the two‐electrode array directly with the help of kernel function. The calculation of kernel function from the observed resistivity curve is done by the method of decomposition. In the method of decomposition the resistivity curve is approximated by a sum of certain functions, whose choice is only restricted by the requirement that the contribution to the kernel function corresponding to them should be easily computable. A few such functions are classified. These, and the standard curves for corresponding kernel functions obtained by utilising an integral expression for two‐electrode array expressing the kernel explicitly in terms of the apparent resistivity functions, are plotted on log‐log scale. The determination of layer parameters, that is, the layer resistivities and thicknesses from the kernel function can be carried out by a method proposed by Pekeris (1940).


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