Volume 22 Number 4
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



Two in situ measurements of stress wave velocity in a granodiorite massif were made. Firstly, the velocities close to the source were investigated (for elimination of the influence of cracks), and secondly, the velocities in different horizontal directions over a large area were studied from the viewpoint of their dependence on the crack system of the medium. A correlation between the mutual orientation of the cracks and the maximum or minimum values of the stress wave velocities was obtained.


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  1. Babuška, V. and Schenk, V., 1974, Seismic wave velocities in granodiorite as measured in laboratory and in situ, Stud. geoph. et geod., 18, 126–133.
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  3. Sokolik, A. I., Stanislavskiy, A. I. and Zverev, A. S., 1959, P.N.T.N.O. No P—117/9, 35, in Russian.
  • Article Type: Research Article
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