Volume 24 Number 4
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



The spectrum of a magnetic or a gravity anomaly due to a body of a given shape with either homogeneous magnetization or uniform density distribution can be expressed as a product of the Fourier transforms of the source geometry and the Green's function. The transform of the source geometry for any irregularly‐shaped body can be accurately determined by representing the body as closely as possible by a number of prismatic bodies. The Green's function is not dependent upon the source geometry. So the analytical expression for its transform remains the same for all causative bodies. It is, therefore, not difficult to obtain the spectrum of an anomaly by multiplying the transform of the source geometry by that of the Green's function. Then the inverse of this spectrum, which yields the anomaly in the space domain, is calculated by using the Fast Fourier Transform algorithm. Many examples show the reliability and accuracy of the method for calculating potential field anomalies.


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