Volume 27 Number 4
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



The VLF response of laterally inhomogeneous and anisotropic models is calculated numerically using the finite element method.

Some results are presented for a slab model in terms both of the polarization parameters, i.e., the tilt angle and ellipticity of the magnetic polarization ellipse, and the amplitude ratio |/|.

On the basis of both the ellipticity and the tilt angle, it is possible to discriminate between a poor conductor and a good one. The direction of the dip can be determined from the anomaly profiles of all diagnostic parameters. The effect of the conductive overburden is most noticeable on the ellipticity profile: one observes attenuation for a poor conductor and “negative attenuation” for a good conductor. The anomaly profiles for anisotropic cases are consistent with the ones of the isotropic cases.


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