Volume 31 Number 6
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



A theoretical study is presented of the effect of source/receiver patterns with fixed phase difference on the radiation/receiving characteristics of the single elements of the pattern in linear elastic media. The radiation characteristic of two vertical vibrators in phase and in counterphase is investigated in detail.

By introducing source/receiver patterns the characteristics become dependent on dimension of the pattern, frequency and angle of observation in the horizontal plane. The types of waves generated by source patterns are, independent of phase differences, equal to those generated by single sources. With two vertical vibrators in phase radiation of P‐waves can be improved relative to that of SV‐waves. With two vibrators in counterphase radiation of SV‐waves in vertical directions is enhanced relative to that of P‐waves; this may be a valuable method of SV‐shear wave generation in exploration seismics. SV‐wave amplitudes larger than P‐wave amplitudes can be expected at angles larger than 5°–10° with the vertical.


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