Volume 37 Number 7
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



Residual migration can correct for migration done with the wrong velocity. The initial migration can be done with a less accurate, fast time‐migration algorithm followed by a residual depth‐migration operator. This combines the speed and accuracy of different migration schemes.

The residual depth‐migration equation can be obtained by an appropriate transformation of a typical finite‐difference, depth‐migration equation. Since the cheaper, initial time‐migration has already partially migrated the data, the residual depth‐migration has less work to do than if the depth‐migration were done in a single step. As a result, the overall process has increased the speed and reduced the dip limitations associated with typical depth‐migration operators. Results on a steeply dipping model demonstrate the validity and usefulness of residual depth‐migration.


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