Volume 37 Number 8
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



Data from offshore Norway is used to study applications of elastic VSP modelling in detecting shear waves and observing the effects of successive mode conversion in field‐recorded VSP data. The shear‐wave velocities and densities from log data are used in conjunction with compressional wave velocities determined from surface seismic and log data in the VSP modelling.

The time domain non‐normal incidence elastic VSP modelling technique of Aminzadeh and Mendel is used as the modelling algorithm. Two surface seismograms are computed first. One is the vertical component and the other is the horizontal component for plane waves that have specified incident angles. A downward continuation method is then applied to generate seismograms at different depth points. The collection of these seismograms constitutes non‐normal incidence VSPs. Both vertical and horizontal components of VSP data can be obtained by this procedure.

In this paper non‐normal incidence VSPs are generated for a 12.5° incident plane wave. The modelling results of layered earth systems of thin layers and thick layers are both compared with field data, and the effect of mode conversions in thin layers is observed. Several events in the field data can be explained by this elastic VSP modelling.

Comparison of the model data and field data enabled a probable tube wave or out‐of‐plane event to be identified, the removal of which significantly improved the final VSP section. This study also shows how the VSP data helped the interpretation of the surface 3D data.


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