Volume 52, Issue 4
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



Faithful recording of the elastic wavefield at the sea‐bed is required for quantitative applications of 4C seismic. The accuracy of the recorded vectorial wavefield depends on factors that vary from deployment to deployment. This paper focuses on one such factor: the interaction of the acquisition system with the sea‐bed, which is referred to here as coupling. We show, using multi‐azimuth data recorded with a cable‐based sea‐bed acquisition system, whose sensor housing is cylindrically shaped and with the in‐line geophone fixed to the cable, that coupling depends on the propagation direction and wave type (P‐ or S‐waves) of the incident wavefield. We show that coupling is more critical for S‐waves than for P‐waves. Detection of inconsistent coupling using both P‐ and S‐waves is therefore mandatory. A data‐driven processing method to compensate for the frequency‐dependent coupling response of the cross‐line geophone is derived. Its application to field data verifies the effectiveness of the method.


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