Volume 3, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 1354-0793
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Palaeozoic carbonate build-ups have been identified from seismic data in the south of the Barents Sea Shelf at several stratigraphic levels: Upper Permian mainly in the west of the Barents Shelf, Lower Permian (Asselian-Artinskian), Carboniferous, Upper Frasnian-Famennian, Lower Frasnian, Lower Devonian, Silurian and probably Ordovician. Most of build-ups are identified in the southern part of the offshore the Pechora Platform (the Varandey-Adzvinskaya Structural Zone, Pechora-Kolvinskiy Aulacogen, Seduyakhinskiy Ridge). Large Late Devonian reefs, apparently of barrier type, are seen in the east of the Korginskiy High. Small carbonate build-ups are seen in the Carboniferous-Permian section in the Kola-Kanin Monocline and the West Kola Saddle, where a wide zone of reefs formed which appear to extend to the west to the Finnmark Platform. The wide extension of Palaeozoic reefs in the south of the Barents Sea Shelf, including the Pechora Shelf, increases the petroleum potential in the region.


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