Volume 39 Number 9
  • ISSN: 0263-5046
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2397



In this study, we show how to overcome the challenges of reliably estimating subtle 4D elastic property changes from seismic acquisitions just one year apart. We show that this is possible thanks to: 1) availability of highly repeatable seismic data and permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM); 2) the methodology for building 4D rock physics models that quantify 4D uncertainties related to seismic repeatability, 3) improving the quality of time-lapse estimates, especially at impedance S, due to the application of the 4D PP-PS joint inversion. This article summarizes the work of quantitative 4D interpretation by reporting how to build 4D rock physics models, how to estimate 4D elastic attributes (joint inversion of PP-PS data) and how the integrated interpretation of these results is performed. To validate the 4D interpretation, the results were compared to the production data from the injector and producer wells and to the outputs of the flow simulator. The integrated analysis shows how injection and production operations affect the reservoir properties, indicating preferred paths for water flow, the role of faults in reservoir hydraulic connectivity, regions where hydrocarbon production caused depletion, areas pressurized by water injection, and even the effect of the salinity contrast between the injection water and the brine. The application of this methodology allows updates to the simulation model that will affect future decisions.


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