P018 INTEGRATED STUDY OF THE SINKHOLE DEVELOPMENT SITE USING GEOPHYSICAL METHODS 1 EZERSKY M. 1 BRUNER I. 2 KEYDAR S 1 TRACHTMAN P. 1 AND RYBAKOV M. 1 1 Geophysical Institute of Israel P.O.Box 182 Lod 71100 Israel e-mail: [email protected] 2 Ecology and Engineering Ltd. Igal Alon Str. 65 Toyota Towers Tel-Aviv Israel [email protected] This paper presents methodology that uses a combination of the high resolution seismic diffraction reflection refraction CVES GPR and Microgravity methods to study the structure and properties of the shallow subsurface at the sinkhole development site in Nahal Hever southern area (Dead Sea shore) in Israel.


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