P031 EVIDENCING THROUGH GEOPHYSICAL METHODS (ELECTROMAGNETIC AND SEISMIC) THE DEFORMATION IN TIME OF THE STRATIGRAPHIC LIMIT CAUSED BY THE INTERACTION BETWEEN THE BUILDING AND THE FOUNDATION LAND 1 V. CISZKOWSKI 1 T. MOLDOVEANU 2 E. OLTEAN 1 M. CIUPERCEANU 1 L. BOGATEANU V. NITA 1 I. CERNEA 1 L. BACIU 1 1 Railway Study and Design Institute Geotechnical Departmen 79683 Bucharest 38 Dinicu Golescu Avenue Romania 2 Institute of Geotechnical & Geophysical Studies (GEOTEC) Department of Geophysics&Engineeringseismology 70211Bucharest 5-7 Vasile Lascar Street Romania Muddy water infiltrations have started to appear in the basement of the central body of the main


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