P038 GEORADAR STUDY OF MAIN DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OF OBRAZTSOVSKY REGION OF KHOTYNETSKY ZEOLITE DEPOSIT Abstract 1 V.V. VARENKOV 1 L.B.VOLKOMIRSKAYA 2 A.N. LOBZINA 2 E.A. RUDENCHIK 2 A.V. NABOKIN 3 A.M. DERYUGA 4 A.E. REZNIKOV 5 V.D. BUGAR 6 and A.E.TARASOV 6 1 ZAO Timer 2 Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences Troitsk Moscow region 142190 Russia 3 Rostov State University 4 Moscow State Construction University 5 VNII Geosistem 6 Industrial group ALSIKO We present a georadar survey of zeolite deposit with a complicated structure. The program of our studies includes


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