A13 RHOURD NOUSS FIELD and ZARZAITINE OUTCROPS ( Algerian Sahara) Triassic Reservoirs Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy A. HAMEL* N. MAACHE *& M. BENHAMOUDA** *Petroleum Engineering and Development- Sonatrach - ALGERIA **Centre de Recherche et Developpement - Sonatrach - ALGERIA Abstract: Rhourd Nouss gas with condensat field is producing from Triassic sandstones (Fig.1a). An excellent core coverage enables detailed study which shows a cyclic depositional pattern with mainly fluvial sandstones. one corresponding to Rhourd Nouss reservoirs. As sediments came from the south-west proved by NE paleocurrent directions the fluvial series thicken northern from Zarzaïtine to Rhourd Nouss. In Zarzaïtine outcrop (Fig.


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