A14 ALGIERS PLIOCENE RIA – A MESSINIAN CANYON FILLED BY GILBERT DELTA COMPLEXES – A PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS 1 J.-L. RUBINO 1 N. HADDADI 2 G. CLAUZON 3 O. PARIZE 4 and H. NAILI 5 1 Total CSTJF Pau France 2 Total Paris France 3 Cerege Université de Provence Aix en Provence France 4 ENSMP Fontainebleau France 5 Sonatrach Boumerdes present address: ENSMP Fontainebleau France In relationships with the Messinian Salinity Crisis the whole Mediterranean basin margins and their hinterland experienced a very deep fluvial overincision followed by a rapid lower Pliocene marine flooding. This succession of events leads to define


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