A22 Detecting Reservoir Compartmentalization by Strontium Isotope Analysis BKNE Field Berkine Basin Algeria Abstract Summary TONY L. COLE (1) D. WHELLER (1) B. IKHLEF (1) H. BERKANI (1) JOHN MCBRIDE (2) 1 BKNE field produces from stratigraphically and structurally complex sandstones of the Trias Argilo-Greseux Inferieur (TAGI) in Block 404 in the Berkine Basin Algeria (Figure 1). The TAGI is subdivided into Upper Middle and Lower fluvial sandstone units (Figure 2). In BKNE field the TAGI U and M sands are productive. As of August 2004 20 wells have been drilled in the field. The field is divided into 3


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