2 nd North African /Mediterarranean Petroléum & Geosciences A30 FRACTURE CHARACTERISATION IN HAMRA QUARTZITES-HASSI MESSAOUD FIELD M.Belachheb* N.Alem* S.Selmani & Chetouani N Division Centre de Recherche et Developpement – Sonatrach Avenue du 1 er Novembre 35000 Boumerdes Algerie I- INTRODUCTION Hamra quartzites arouse an important petroleum interest since the discovery of hydrocarbons in the Ordovician formation. Despite their tightness and their low porosity hamra quartzites yielded a significant rate of hydrocarbon the case of HG well which has produced 14m 3 /h in 1995 . However The same levels in the HT HD and HD bis wells are being non


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