A32 Quantitative fracture evaluation from Ultrasonic imaging Hassi Messaoud Field Algeria Mourad Kourta* Peter Jeffreys* Hacene Attoui** Salah Mekmouche** * Schlumberger Oilfield Services Hassi Messaoud ** Sonatrach Production Division Hassi Messaoud Summary : The Ultrasonic Borehole Imager tool (UBI*) has over the years become established as an essential measurement for both geological and geomechanical evaluation in the low porosity Cambrian sandstones of the Hassi Messaoud Field Algeria. Horizontal wells are now being drilled to develop these fractured reservoirs and near-borehole geological imaging is providing an in-situ measurement of the sedimentary structures fractures and faults. It is usually possible to determine


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