B06 STRUCTURAL CONTROLS AND SEISMIC UNCERTAINTIES IN THE EXPLORATION OF THE MID-MATURE BERKINE BASIN Introduction 1 J. MACHIN 1 J.M. JAUREGUI 1 R. MOUAICI 2 D. KERBOUB 2 A. CHAMBERS 1 and E. FIGARI 1 ¹Repsol YPF Exploración S.A. Paseo Castellana 278 p.b. 28046 Madrid Spain ²Sonatrach Exploiration Avenue du 1er Novembre BT.C BP 68 M Boumerdes 35000 Algeria The Berkine basin has become the most successful basin in Algeria during the last fifteen years because of the oil discoveries have increased recoverable reserves up to 10 BBMO. The Berkine basin located in the Eastern part of Algeria overlies on


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