B09 THE PETROLEUM INTEREST OF THE ALGERIAN OFFSHORE DOMAIN 1 N. KHENNAF B. ADDOUM A. GHAFFAR M.S. BENABDELMOUMENE and F. TAHARBOUCHET Sonatrach Activite Amont Division Exploration Avenue Du 1er Novembre Iap Bt. C Bp.68 M - Boumerdes 35000 Algerie ABSTRACT The Algerian offshore domain presents a total area of 93 500.5 Sq km corresponding to the south boundary of the Alboran basin to the west and the Algero-provençal basin to the east. The coast extends from east to west over 1200 Kms. More than 20 000 Kms of 2D seismic data acquired from 68 to 77 and about 9 000


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