B20 Source Rocks of the Southeastern Constantine sedimentary basin (Eastern Saharan Atlas Algeria) Elhadi Mustapha BELHADJ Sonatrach-CRD ;1 Avenue du 1 er novembre Boumerdes 35000 Algeria E-mail : [email protected] Tel : 024 81 56 01 Fax: 024 81 11 20 Summary Various organic matter rich strata within the argillaceous carbonate series of the Cretaceous-Tertiary basin of the southeastern Constantine are described and investigated. These strata stratigraphically related to the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary zone and the Upper Albian sections offer the most hydrocarbon potential characteristics and are regarded as having generated the oil from Djebel Onk Ras Toumb and Guerguit El-Kihal fields.The


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