B32 DEVONIAN STRATIGRAPHIC CYCLES AND DEPOSITIONAL ENVIRONMENTS IN THE TIMIMOUN BASIN (ALGERIA) APPLICATION TO RESERVOIR LAYERING Stratigraphic cycles hierarchy could be used whatever the lateral facies change to establish confident reservoir layering even whit a poor core coverage. 1 C. JARDINE 1 E.K. ZEMOURI 2 T. LECOQ 1 CH. SONTOT 1 J.L. RUBINO 1 and H. CLAUDE 3 1 Total CSTJF Pau France 2 Sonatrach Boumerdes Algeria 3 IGAL Cergy-Pontoise France Successful exploitation of oil and gas reserves depends upon a good understanding and an accurate and integrated description of the reservoir. Knowledge of how reservoirs facies and their petrophysical


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