P03 INJECTITES AND EARLY POST DEPOSITIONAL DEFORMATION OF PRECAMBRIAN DOLOMITE ROCKS IN THE HUQF SUPER GROUP NORTHERN OMAN Abstract 1 P.C.H. VEEKEN* and B. VAN MOERKERKEN ** * Geops 29 Rue des Benedictins 57050 Le Ban St Martin France ** Geodisq Plantage Muidergracht 162 Amsterdam The Netherlands Syn-sedimentary and early post-depositional deformation in rocks of the Precambrian Hajir Formation have been investigated (Wadi Hajir Northern Oman). The following deformational features are observed: 1) thin-skinned tectonic deformation 2) lateral transition of faultplanes into flexures and folds 3) cross cutting fault directions 4) listric fault shapes and 5) a variety in fold


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