P11 SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHY HALOKINESIS AND PALEOGEOGRAPHIC EVOLUTION AT THE CENOMANIAN-TURONIAN BOUNDARY DEPOSITS IN THE GAFSA AREA (CENTRAL TUNISIA) 1 T. ZOUAGHI¹ ² ٭ H. ABDALLAH¹ and M. BÉDIR¹ ² ¹ Laboratoire de Géoressources I. N. R. S. T BP 95 2050 Hammam-Lif Tunisia ² Département des Sciences de la Terre Faculté des Sciences Université Tunis El Manar 1060 Tunis Tunisia Abstract The sequence stratigraphy analysis based on the two dimensional seismic data and the outcrop sedimentary studies in the Gafsa area (Central Tunisia) allows to identify two second second-order sequences. The type-2 Upper Cenomanian-Lower Turonian sequence starts by the shelf


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