P17 DISTRIBUTION AND CONSERVATION CONDITIONS OF HYDROCARBONSIN AHNET AND TIMIMOUN BASINS (ALGERIA) Introduction: 1 The Ahnet and Timimoun basins are located in the Central Algerian Sahara (fig.1). Petroleum exploration in this area started in the 50’s. It led to important gas fields discovery such as Krechba Teguentour Reg In Salah... The petroleum reservoirs are represented by the sandy Cambro – Ordovician Lower Devonian and Strunian – Tournaisian sediments. This study aims to document the distribution and conservation conditions of hydrocarbons. Cambro-Ordovician Reservoirs: Fig.1: Location map of Ahnet and Timimoun basins I. MAAROUF ¹ and R. LOUNISSI² ¹SONATRACH Exploration Boumérdès Avenue


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