1 P24 The Medjerda Valley (N. Tunisia) Triassic complex: updated biostratigraphy and Geodynamics revisited BEN SLAMA Mohamed Montassar 1 MASROUHI Amara 1 GHANMI Mohamed 1 BEN YOUSSEF Mohamed 2 & ZARGOUNI Fouad 1 1 Département de géologie Faculté des Sciences de Tunis 1060 El Manar II Tunis Tunisie 2 INRST Hammam Lif Tunisie Key word: Medjerda valley north Tunisia Triassic Albian composite salt glacier The two studied outcrops of the Triassic deposits are located about 2 Km eastward the Slouguia village where are separated by the main road GP leading to Testour (NW Tunisia)(Fig1). They were first investigated by Solignac


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