P35 ANALYSIS OF FRACTURING BY USING GRID BASED ATTRIBUTES & VARIANCE CUBE In 2003 a high-resolution 3D survey (400 Km2) was acquired in order to improve the productivity of the TinFouyé Tabankort (TFT) gas-cap field in the Illizi Basin. 1 C. GÓMEZ J. VARELA E. FIGARI J. PERROT G. CHA and D. YAHIAOUI Repsol-Ypf Total Sonatrach TinFouye Tabankort anticline is a structurally complex region composed of several NW-SE & NE-SW structural trends related to regional sub-meridian reverse-strike slip faults. The tectonic history of the region can be summarized in four main stages. After the Pan- African collision and suturing phase


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