Vertical seismic profiling (VSP) is a popular seismic exploration technology that has been confirmed to be<br>really efficient for solution of various geological problems even in very complicated conditions. The way<br>to achieve this and take all of the VSP advantages (such as efficient velocity model recovery, direct impulse<br>shape estimation and zero-phase deconvolution, detailed surface-borehole tie, high-resolution imaging<br>and dynamic inversion) is to implement correct processing techniques. In this paper we present key principles of VSP data<br>processing yielded and inherited as a result of more than 40 years experience in borehole seismic. These<br>principles form the concept of model based processing technology which includes state-of-the-art developments<br>and is aimed at high quality and reliability of the acquired results. Demonstrated case histories show examples of<br>efficiency of the presented technology of VSP data processing.


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