The Sub Andean Zone of Bolivia is a very prolific exploration zone. During the last ten years, the<br>exploration targets have changed. Numerous oil fields have been discovered in the years 70-90 in the<br>Carboniferous and upper Devonian in the foreland and easternmost emerging anticlines but the exploration get<br>now more active westward with deepest targets in the lower Devonian. The existence of this petroleum system<br>was proven since the discovery of the San Alberto field (San Alberto-X9 in 1990), but the deep prospects in the<br>south SAZ are much targeted only from 10 years. In addition on the cost of the deep wells, moving westward<br>also means steeper anticlines and poor resolution of the seismic images. For the geologists however, the more<br>challenging issues come from the fact that the target is now below an important decollement level, the middle<br>Devonian shale of the Los Monos Fm.


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