When working in complex areas, explorationists must be able<br>- to propose geometry of the prospect to drill,<br>- to have an idea of the timing of the deformation (to<br>know if the structure is post or pre-oil maturation/<br>migration process)<br>- and to define the expected reservoir characteristics<br>often based on its fractures.<br>Geometry in complex zone could be hard to define, especially onshore in fold and thrust-belt where seismic quality is poor (high relief and steep flank structures).<br>Fractures density and timing of growth of the structure versus oil maturation require to have an idea of the kinematics of the deformation. None of these questions<br>could be solved without the appropriated tools. Integrated software is required to synthesize the data, imagine the missing part of the sub-surface geometry,<br>check the coherency of the first model, improve it through restoration in 2 and 3D, and finally propose a history of the deformation.


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