P23 EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF ASPHALTENE PRECIPITATION DURING OIL- SOLVENT FLOW IN CORE SAMPLES Abstract 1 N.I. PAPADIMITRIOU 1 G.E. ROMANOS 1 A.K. STUBOS 1 TH.A. STERIOTIS 1 C. CHATZICHRISTOS 2 T. AURDAL 2 1 National Research Center Demokritos 15310 Aghia Paraskevi Greece 2 Institutt for Energiteknikk N-2027 Kjeller Norway Asphaltenes are polar organic substances with poly-aromatic structure and high molecular weight contained in crude oil in a colloidal phase. Under specific conditions they may aggregate and precipitate. When oil flows underground within porous rocks asphaltene precipitation can lead to pore plugging thus rendering oil production difficult or even impossible. The


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