During 2001-2007 express technology of FSPEF-VERS geoelectric investigations was widely used for the solving of different ecological, engineering-geological and geologic-geophysical problem . In particular, technology was used for searching and mapping of the water-saturated collectors (Levashov et. al., 2005, 2005a). In this article the technology application for lateral exploration of zones of mineral water distribution in the district of city-resort Morshin on Western Ukraine are presented. Field works were executed in September-October, 2005, on three areas (fig.1). The field works were conducted along separate profiles with a step 20-50 m. Through anomalous zones, discovered by a method FSPEF, the profiles of VERS and acoustic sounding are laid. Acoustic measurements investigations were executed with a step 5 m. The depth of VERS and acoustic sounding made 40 m. In separate points VERS was executed to the depths 500 m.


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