The results of geoelectric studies within perspective for the oil and gas Kostanayskaya area are given. Practically all "deposit" type (DTA) anomalies are revealed and mapped by from airplane. The mapped geoelectric anomalies are authenticated by overland FSPEF survey. The bedding intervals of anomalous polarized layer of the "oil" type are installed within the anomalies by VERS soundings. The geoelectric anomaly maps, the sounding diagrams and columns and correlation cross-sections present the investigation results. For the area structural model construction the detailed soundings were conducted within "Kosagal" DTA for scheduling the project of the prospecting borehole boring. The place for the borehole pawning was recommended. The efficient and economical technology for operative examination with the oil and gas searching purposes of the extensive, removed, difficult of access and perspective for oil and gas territories are created on the base of survey by method of the forming of short-pulsed field from the airplane (AirFSPEF modification). The practical application of this technology on initial stage of the oil and gas searching works allows to accelerate significantly the geological prospecting process for the oil and gas as a whole.


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