The results of geoelectric investigation for the oil and gas of deep horizons of a geological cross-section in the Dnepr-Donetsk depression are given. The innovative express-technology of "direct" searching and prospecting for hydrocarbon deposits by geoelectric methods are used during this investigation. The technology includes the method of formation of short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF), flux-meter survey and method of vertical electric-resonance sounding (VERS). Joint use of these methods gives a possibility to find and map on the area the "deposit" type anomalies (DTA), and to define the total thickness and bedding depths of anomalous polarized layer (APL) of the "oil layer", "gas layer", "water-saturated layer" type. The geoelectric investigation on Kobzivske gas-condensate field have confirmed scientifically proved forecasts of experts about probable existence of a deep floor of gas content on depths over 6000 m. The received data are one more confirmation of prospects of oil-and-gas content of DDD deep horizons. Purposeful industrial exploration of those horizons will promote the increase of HC production in Ukraine. The carried out experimental research within Kobzivske gas-condensate field and other areas have shown the efficiency of FSPEF-VERS technology at studying deep horizons of a geological cross-section. The main advantage of this technology consists in efficiency of new experimental field information receiving.


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