The carbonate oil field in Albania are located in Ionian tectonic zone of the external Albanite and on the west side of the country. This article deliver the interpretation of the geology-geophysical on line oilfield anticline structures as well prospected structures for the future exploration such as Selenica-Gorisht-Kucul, Amonica, Amanitia-Ramica, Cakran-Mollaj, Ballsh - Hekal and Visoka, Patos-Verbas The structures where is founded oil in them in Albania are in the northern part of the Kurveleshi Belt. (Fig. 1). From the tectonic point of view the Kurveleshi Belt is the center part of Jonian tectonic zone and characterize with very tectonic active and there are generics and store deposits in the carbonates of Mesozoic. Reprocessing the seismic data, by using the update programmers and the correct layers velocity in the area where backthrust and overthrust are present, has help to much in interpretation the geological model and have certificated the new prospect structure for oil.


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