6280 Some Aspects of the Radio Geochemical Situations in the Coastal Area (Durrës-Kepi Rodonit) A. Dodona* (Geophysical Center Tirana) SUMMARY 5 th Congress of Balkan Geophysical Society — Belgrade Serbia 10 – 16 May 2009From geo-radiometric studies carried out through gamma-surveys and radiometricemanometric profiles and gamma-spectrometric analyze by soil-rocky samplings and watery ensure that in this area the natural radioelements mainly of uran-radium (U- Ra) series of Thorium series (Th) of potassium element (K) (K 40 – radioisotope≈0.012%K) and radioactive elements of atmospheric rainfalls are present. Geological structure of zone is consisted of Neogene’s deposits and mainly of quaternary clay-sandy-conglomerates


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