Endanger of an environment is permanent process that causes far reaching consequences, and at the same time is the generator of economic, sanitarian, psychological and physiological problems of the modern World. Frame of the sustainable development is more modern approach to the consideration of ecological problems. At that, organizations should be dealing with those activities that synchronize nature of the activity with nature laws, all with an aim to preserve natural resources, i.e. environment. Main idea of writing this paper is to stimulate greater use of renewable sources in Serbia (energy potential of over 3,0 M t en per year with potential of small hydroelectric power stations of more than 0,4 M t en) and to highlight importance of sustainable development concept, that would indulge modern needs, in favor of the needs of the future. Application of renewable energy sources reduces use of fossil fuels, and can be very favorable for the reduction of undesirable impacts on the environment. Total energy consumption World wide is over 14 terawatts per year, and from that amount renewable energy sources make 14% of energy supply in the World which is not enough but is necessary condition for sustainable energy development.


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