In this paper it will be shown the importance of geovalidation for interpretation of seismic data. The procedure was performed on the territory of Choka (northern Banat). Well shoot surveys were not obtained at any well on Choka area. Synthetic seismogram is done based up on measuring of acoustic log, density log, and borehole velocities obtained from checkshot measurements on well CBj-1. Besides direct evidence of stratigraphy, electric log markers were also used for age determination. Electric log marker X has a very characteristic well log values in all wells. Electric log marker X is a very imposing on the most seismic section and allows very easy tracking in the area. This feature is used for interpretation of Pannonian that in this area is not distinguishable. Pannonian physical properties as well as the manner in which this horizon were interpreted are known as interpretation of "phantom" horizon. Without proceedings of geovalidation it would be impossible to do the exact interpretation of top of Pannonian sediments. These sediments represent the main source rocks in Vojvodina. Additionally, they sometimes can be presented with reservoir rocks. The importance of knowing their distribution is priceless in aspect of hydrocarbons evaluation.


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