The tectonic processes in the lithosphere can be considered within the "system of migration of the material into the tectonosphere ". These processes go on in a complex “closed circle” in which the following 3 general processes of migration of material in the tectonosphere are differentiated: • Migration of "the mantle in the lithosphere" (upwards migration); • Migration of "the lithosphere in the lithosphere" (horizontal migration); • Migration of "the lithosphere in the mantle: (downwards migration). The cycle of migration of material is closed by "migration of the mantle in the mantle", which is carried out within the convection flows in the mantle. The migration of the material results in "structuring of the lithosphere" from a finite number of rift-systems, equal to the number of rifts in the lithosphere". The evolution of a rift-system includes a magmatic cycle (from basic plutonites to finishing acidic magmatism), syngene and orogene processes and subsequent sedimentation.


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