We present results from application of texture and spectral reflectance analysis for identification and discrimination of the main rock-forming minerals of two representatives of magmatic and metamorphic rocks - amphibole gabbro and kyanite schist that have wide occurrence on the territory of Bulgaria. Gabbro is a main element of the Struma Diorite Complex while the kyanite schists are cropping out in the region of the village of Lebnitsa, Blagoevgrad district. We used gray-level co-occurrence matrices (GLCM) to quantitatively evaluate texture features and to determine which are best for mineral identification. Five texture features (angular second moment, contrast, correlation, inverse difference moment and entropy) were computed by the image processing and analysis program ImageJ and by the plugin GLCM Texture. The spectral reflectance was registered in laboratory using a multichannel spectrometer. By means of the Student’s t-criterion and discriminant analysis statistically significant differences between the texture features of the rock minerals were found for contrast and correlation in the case of gabro and contrast and inverse difference moment for kyanite schist. For the spectral reflectance characteristics, t-criterion was applied in eight wavelengths and statistically significant differences were established in seven of them for the two rocks examined.


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