Bajevica – Mur section is located at the edge of Novi Pazar, at the scarp of way Novi Pazar - Ribarići, at the both parts of the bridge over the Jošanica river (Fig. 1). Southern from the bridge, older part of Upper Cretaceous series was discovered (Bajevica), and younger part is to the north of the bridge (Mur). It is important to note that D. Pejović (1978) discovered here new type of radiolitides (Bournonia murensis - typical locality). Also, it is important that Bajevica-Mur section is a typical one for Bajevica Formation, Mur Formation and the Novi Pazar clastics - informal formation. These formations were distinguished and described on the basis of the recent integrated biostratigraphic studies, based on distribution of benthos foraminifera, plankton microfosils and limestone nanoplancton, supported by available information on rudists from Bajevica (Polavder, 2003).


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